Student Life vs. Pirate Life

Back in the days when explorers were sailing off to find new land and pirates roamed the high seas, many of them got scurvy – a disease caused by not enough vitamin C.

So what does a pirate’s life have to do with a student’s life?

For some of you this might be a new story and for others you might remember back in 2008 when a university student from Windsor got scurvy (Yes just like pirates).

It turns out you cannot live on chicken wings and beer.


Fun maybe, but scurvy not so much!

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Anyway this true story motivated Kim Zarzour and Sharon McKay to write a book called Good to Go! It is full of great advice on everything you need to know before you head off to post-secondary – or really head off anywhere.

The Juggle team read the Good to Go.

And just to give an idea of what you will find in this book, here are a few sections they found helpful:

  • What to consider when living with a roommate
  • The dos and don’ts of cooking in a cubicle
  • Fixing up your cooking screw-ups
  • The dark side of energy drinks
  • What to keep in your medicine cabinet
  • Fast medical help
  • The entire section on finance!!!!!
  • Staying healthy while traveling

So even though it has been several years since this book first hit the shelf, it has a wealth of information that will give you a student life and not pirate life.

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Linda Pardy & the Juggle Team

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