Want to be Career Ready When You Graduate? Start Now!

In talking to graduates who struggled in making the jump from post-secondary to finding employment related to their studies, a common theme that emerges is that they under estimated the importance of balancing their studies with relevant work experience. Such students can be said to have taken a “ground hog” approach to their post-secondary education…. Read more »

IT Jobs: Find the Right Fit For You!

Are you thinking of entering the computer field or are you looking for a computer related job? Are you confused about all the options available to you? Our friends at the Computer Science Zone created an awesome infographic that outlines career details for the following IT careers: Software Developer/Computer Programmer Database Administrator Hardware Engineer Systems… Read more »

Don’t Freak Out: This Year’s Key Graduation Message

First the Juggle Team would like to congratulate everyone that is graduating this year. You did it! You “juggled” it all and succeeded! I attend the graduation ceremony at the university where I teach and I heard about various other ceremonies from friends and family. Then I decided to spend a little time on YouTube… Read more »