Want to be Career Ready When You Graduate? Start Now!

In talking to graduates who struggled in making the jump from post-secondary to finding employment related to their studies, a common theme that emerges is that they under estimated the importance of balancing their studies with relevant work experience. Such students can be said to have taken a “ground hog” approach to their post-secondary education…. Read more »

Student Life vs. Pirate Life

Back in the days when explorers were sailing off to find new land and pirates roamed the high seas, many of them got scurvy – a disease caused by not enough vitamin C. So what does a pirate’s life have to do with a student’s life? For some of you this might be a new… Read more »

The Fallacy of Funding Post-Secondary Programs on Labour Market Predictions

We have heard a growing chorus of politicians suggest that post-secondary students having difficulty transitioning to the workforce are partly to blame for choosing subjects that aren’t in demand in the labour market. This has led to a growing movement in many parts of the country that will see post-secondary funding tied to high demand… Read more »

The 10 Best Skilled Trades for Introverts in Canada

A few years ago Laurence Shatkin produced a list that outlined the 200 best jobs for introverts. Shatkin’s list was compiled using the latest edition of the O*NET database in the U.S. that looked at variables associated with valuing independence in the workplace (which he defined as working alone). This list got me thinking about… Read more »