Want to be Career Ready When You Graduate? Start Now!

In talking to graduates who struggled in making the jump from post-secondary to finding employment related to their studies, a common theme that emerges is that they under estimated the importance of balancing their studies with relevant work experience. Such students can be said to have taken a “ground hog” approach to their post-secondary education…. Read more »

Student Life vs. Pirate Life

Back in the days when explorers were sailing off to find new land and pirates roamed the high seas, many of them got scurvy – a disease caused by not enough vitamin C. So what does a pirate’s life have to do with a student’s life? For some of you this might be a new… Read more »

Thanks CACUSS!

With Juggle’s official launch we want to thank our Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS) colleagues that provided feedback through the years. Your support in 2013 was awesome! CommuniqueSept2013 (check out page 26!) And Thanks McGill for hosting! CACUSS 2013 Montreal